Wednesday evening – 7 May 2014

The second Wednesday evening race took place yesterday in changeable weather. Force 0 to force 5, rain and sun. A great turnout with eleven boats. Whim, demonstrating another masterclass race winning way out in front of the fleet. Followed by Flight and Tantrum, Ripple hot on their heels. Changeable fortunes for the rest of the fleet. Fingal showed early promise cutting through the fleet at the start but a lengthy tack into the tide towards pump dropped a couple of places, catching up back towards Elbow hit the mud at ferry point allowing Tantrum space that wasn’t recovered. Fingal was not the only casualty to the mud – the Alde strikes again!

The last of the Spring series takes place this Saturday. With 18 boats (including 15 Loch Longs) competing for Binnie’s Quaich it has been a great series – fair winds and good comraderie. Let’s see what fortunes the final race brings.

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