Puffin LL13 for sale

FOR SALE: Puffin LL 13 (previously China Grass).
Puffin has a good hull and takes in very little water. John Jones of classic sailboats has re-sealed the rudder stock, epoxied the sheer strake to the
one below, and replaced the deck edging with coverboards; which look much better than the rather clumsy rubbing strake she had when she was bought. She has the original rig with spreaders and jumper struts.
New: Road trailer.
Whale pump, buoyancy bags, anchor, outboard bracket.

A set of sails from Murray at Nicholson Hughes. These have 2 rows of reefing points. I also had some work done on the old sails before getting a new set. (3 sets of sails in all but no spinnaker.)
Aeroluffe jib reefing gear, slab reefing blocks and cleats on the main. Boom tent/sail cover.
She is a lovely boat. It seems a bit soon to be thinking of selling her after two years but David feels time is short and he needs a boat that will give him more sailing options in Portmadoc.
£9,000 or nearest offer.
Please contact the owner the sec for further information
More pics: click here


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