The Loch Long One Design classic dayboat is governed by the Loch Long One Design Owners Association.

These beautiful boats are raced on the Clyde (their original home in Scotland) and on the River Alde in Suffolk.

To helm in race, the Loch Long owner needs to be a member or associate member and hold a current racing certificate. The boat also needs to be compliant with the rules.

Annual Associate membership:  Is needed to helm a Loch Loch Long in any race. The cost is £2.00 annually.

Annual Membership:  Full membership is needed for Loch Long Owners and allows each boat a vote at LLODOA meetings. The cost is £5.00 annually.

Annual Racing Certificate:  A racing certificate is needed to compete in any race that includes Loch Longs. The cost is £1.00 annually.

Honorary members: do not need to pay a subscription. The constitution allows six honorary members.

If you have any questions please email