Boats for Sale

These boats are known to be for sale at 31 August 2015

For contact details please email the secretary

LL 3  “Flight”; owner Robert Mulcahy, Aldeburgh

LL 7 “Firefly”; owner John Collins; Helensburgh

LL9 “Rowan”; owner Peter Wilson, Aldeburgh Boatyard (project)

LL 17 “Mistral”;  ftgh (project) – sound, but only partly begun

LL 19 “Murmur”; (project) – owner Peter Wilson, Aldeburgh Boatyard

LL 31 “Theme”; Findlay Forsythe, Largs

LL 38 “Calypso”; Nick Churton, Aldeburgh

 LL 39; “Fling”; formerly “Gean”, Suffolk

LL 40 “Jean”; owner Nick Newman; Aldeburgh

LL 43; “Cirrus”; owner Peter Cresdee, Waldringfield

LL 46; “Zephyr”; Location: Loch Awe in Argyll.

LL 51; “Winkle”; owner Andy Chadwick; Location: Ardfern Argyll.

LL 77: “Judi”; owner Heather Wylie; Location: Colintraive.

LL 130; “Katriona”; in Northern Ireland and in good condition.

LL138; “Eden”; half-share; Location: Aldeburgh

LL 144; Sold. July 2015.

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  1. Hi I am interested in

    LL 46; “Zephyr”; Scotland- owner, price, unknown. Location: Loch Awe in Argyll.

    for sale please can you let me know what the price is, this Loch long was owned by my dad before and am very keen to try and buy back

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