AYC Spring Series 5

M(p) S(p) Q(s) C(p) Q(s) C(p)Wind E 3-5 Tide ebbing

With an ebbing tide and the first mark, Martello, there were some inevitable shenanigans….. all watched in fascination by Gormley’s man – five OCS, only two returned to restart: close encounters round the mark. Fiona and Green Ginger were making the running and back towards Elbow were clear ahead. The rest of the pack dancing to that awful tune ‘Running four abreast in the shallows’ up West Row round Chapman’s point; Skye and Zimmer cunningly finding ‘water’ on the inside. Carousel screaming up behind got boxed in, slamming hard on the brakes. Finola kept pace with the bunch out in the tide. Ahead Fiona and GG fencing dramatically to gain water around Stanny. Zimmer making a good rounding edged up towards Chapmans and then a strong beat back up West Row with the tide saw her close the gap. Eden and Tantrum Port and Starboarded all the way to Elbow. All tightly bunched. This was a great race, an epic in the making. Gybing round Q buoy gave spectators plenty of excitement. Same again on the second beat to Q but Fiona pulled away from Green Ginger and the rest of the pack closed in. On the last round running down to Chapman’s Tantrum found water and rounding first sped away. Eden closed the gap and managed to make a ‘Starboard’. A repost by Tantrum rounded Elbow ahead and then a quick dash to the line. Fiona had finished already, not a few seconds ahead. Fantastic! Coming ashore bad news for some – ‘OCS’ see the final scorecard, a race of elation and despair.


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