Adair Hill Wood Trophy 2015 – Round the Island

Adair Hill Wood – Around the island cup race

Wind: NNE strength 4/6

Sunshine, but blowing a hard NE, cold, heading down river against the tide. Three intrepid Loch Longs and one laser set off on the first cup race of the year. So early in the season, with little thought of the tide it didn’t seem sensible, but a great race was had and the sturdy build of the Loch Longs and the physical strength and endurance of the laser crew won through. All winners. Well done all.

Final score; on corrected time all home within under 10 minutes, 11 corrected.

1.  Keel boat - Carousel  - LL44 - David Trower & Julian Hirst
2.  Keel boat - Green Ginger - LL63 -Ian Cook
3.  Dinghy - Another Girl - 194132 - Alex Hinton
4.  Keel boat - Skye - LL142 - Patrick Hill


P1020169 P1020165

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