Loch Long OD – For sale


This list is not definitive and more than likely highly inaccurate! Please let the Secretary know any omissions, errors or amends to the list.

LL 3 :  “Flight” ;  fully restored, Aldeburgh
LL13 “Puffin” with trailer, good condition, used for cruising, North Wales
LL 17 Mistral  - in Cove full restoration project
LL 19 “Murmur” ; owner Aldeburgh Boatyard (Demon Yachts) needs TLC
LL 39 “Fling”, formerly “Gean”, Waldringfield Suffolk
LL 43; “Cirrus” Waldringfield Suffolk
LL 130 “Katriona” set up for cruising, good condition. Northern Ireland
LL 38 Calypso –Aldeburgh Boatyard (Demon Yachts) restoration project
LL122 “The Hare” formerly Rose rebuilt two years ago, set up for cruising, Wolverstome Marina. Suffolk
LL 55 “Trya” Good road trailer, good race condition. South.
LL 46; “Zephyr”; restoration needed. Location: Loch Awe in Argyll.
LL 51; "Winkle"; restoration needed, Location: Ardfern Argyll.
LL 77: "Judi"; good condition; Location: Colintraive.