AYC Spring series 4

XB to port, wind 4-6 NNE. Flooding tide.

An exciting start; the laser trapped mercilessly between Green Ginger and Fiona at Ferry Point with others hot on their heels….. except for Bon Accord who found the lump but soon pushed off. Carousel made the running across the river though the safety boat moorings and struck a lead down to Pump. As the race progressed the fleet spread out. Late on Fiona pipped Carousel at Brick dock and got home a few seconds ahead; the Laser (radial) after being bullied at the start, eventually took the lead and came home over the line first. Fiona took honours on handicap. (Stewards enquiry over Laser handicap, radial or full rig?).

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Adair Hill Wood Trophy 2015 – Round the Island

Adair Hill Wood – Around the island cup race

Wind: NNE strength 4/6

Sunshine, but blowing a hard NE, cold, heading down river against the tide. Three intrepid Loch Longs and one laser set off on the first cup race of the year. So early in the season, with little thought of the tide it didn’t seem sensible, but a great race was had and the sturdy build of the Loch Longs and the physical strength and endurance of the laser crew won through. All winners. Well done all.

Final score; on corrected time all home within under 10 minutes, 11 corrected.

1.  Keel boat - Carousel  - LL44 - David Trower & Julian Hirst
2.  Keel boat - Green Ginger - LL63 -Ian Cook
3.  Dinghy - Another Girl - 194132 - Alex Hinton
4.  Keel boat - Skye - LL142 - Patrick Hill


P1020169 P1020165

AYC Spring Series 3

After a miserable morning of squally showers, Green Ginger, Eden, Skye and Tantrum lined up for the start in a very gusty WNW. The crews assembled with the sun breaking through the clouds. Three starts, Hadjwich the only cruiser set off in handicap one, the Loch Longs only in two and a capsized dingy bravely didn’t quite make the junior and third start.

Course M (S) B (P) W (S). A strange course as it was missing a final C that was not presented on the bridge at the start.

The battle ensued at the start with GG and Skye hitting the line only a second out.
Tantrum and Eden left a way up West Row, kicking strap and starting watch failure were Tantrum’s excuse; they crossed the start 25 seconds late. Heading against the tide for Martello, Skye and GG vied for position, Skye with young Harry at the helm took the advantage and led back towards Elbow. Tantrum and Eden closing the gap saw places change for all up West Row, a heavy beat, gusts of six coming through, the tide beginning to race. Tantrum arrived at Stanny point with a small advantage, and with a huge wind shift to SW held the lead round Brick Dock to the finish.

(Later told gusts of force seven were recorded during the race)

Eden and Skye had a great battle back down West Row towards elbow, and Harry managed again to get the overlap and cross the finish overlapped with Eden.

Well done all in testing conditions and an odd course.


Spring Series 1 AYC saw no action due to unfavourable weather. Yesterday five boats braved the elements for Spring Series 2. At the start the sun came out, the wind lessened and it turned out to be a glorious afternoon sail. Course S, B, X (all starboard) Q (port) finish. Tantrum took the lead at the start hotly pursued by Skye with Cariad, Eden, and Green Ginger in close formation. Skye almost got past a couple of times, Eden gained some pace in the river with less flukey wind but Tantrum made it past S ahead; some bad tacks towards B saw Eden take a large lead. Others still hotly in pursuit, Tantrum having an extra tack fell further back. Eden extended her lead rounding Eden, with the strengthening tide took little time getting to X. Skye, Green Ginger and Cariad swapped places a few times and closed the gap on the leaders. Back to Q against the tide required some serious short tacking and Tantrum managed to squeeze past Eden, squeak round Q and take line honours. The sun continued to shine and there was another glorious sunset at Aldeburgh. Thank goodness the sailing season has started – winter is over! (famous last words!)