Boats for Sale

These boats are known to be for sale at 31 August 2015

For contact details please email the secretary

LL 3  “Flight”; owner Robert Mulcahy, Aldeburgh

LL 7 “Firefly”; owner John Collins; Helensburgh

LL9 “Rowan”; owner Peter Wilson, Aldeburgh Boatyard (project)

LL 17 “Mistral”;  ftgh (project) – sound, but only partly begun

LL 19 “Murmur”; (project) – owner Peter Wilson, Aldeburgh Boatyard

LL 31 “Theme”; Findlay Forsythe, Largs

LL 38 “Calypso”; Nick Churton, Aldeburgh

 LL 39; “Fling”; formerly “Gean”, Suffolk

LL 40 “Jean”; owner Nick Newman; Aldeburgh

LL 43; “Cirrus”; owner Peter Cresdee, Waldringfield

LL 46; “Zephyr”; Location: Loch Awe in Argyll.

LL 51; “Winkle”; owner Andy Chadwick; Location: Ardfern Argyll.

LL 77: “Judi”; owner Heather Wylie; Location: Colintraive.

LL 130; “Katriona”; in Northern Ireland and in good condition.

LL138; “Eden”; half-share; Location: Aldeburgh

LL 144; Sold. July 2015.